The company focuses on wafer sorter, SMIF product development and maintenance, adhere to the heart of product development and responsible attitude. For domestic, outside vendors to provide a professional and comprehensive service . Clearly put our focus on customers in those speaking the most important matters. At the dawn of another new year occasion, we operate, strengthen our future product development, customer service ability, such ability, thanks to our employees. Because of their persistence and attention to customer needs real, only to Hung Ching Development industry categories in the same industry in the Diocesan. We will continue effort to meet customer requirements, and more to further exceed their expectations. We exist because of customers; proud of our customer's trust.


2010 / 08 Hung Ching development , Established
2011 / 01 Sorter & Automated Wafer Transfer System Field
2011 / 05 Expanded business and entered China market
2011 / 06 Set up a branch in Shanghai and offices -Shanghai Yun Wei machinery equipment company limited
2011 / 10 Localized Sorter automated wafer transfer equipments development
2012 / 01 Expanded business and entered Singapore , Malaysia market
2012 / 04 Service center established in Tainan
2014 / 06 Service center established in Shenzhen
2014 / 11 Become China TSMC qualified certified supplier
2015 / 01 Wafer sorter OCR system upgrade development
2015 / 10 Become Taiwan TSMC qualified certified supplier