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Hung Ching Development Co., LTD.

Taiwan Corporation

ADD.1F,No.92-1,Xianzheng 1st .,Zhubei City , Hsinchu County 30268, Taiwan,R.O.C.

TEL +886-3-5586180

FAX +886-3-5586181

Tainan Office

ADD. No.99-2, Shenei, Xinshi Dist.,Tainan City 74446, Taiwan

TEL +886-6-5892902

MOBILE +886-972768724

Shanghai Office

No.1234, Room 506,New Songjiang Rd., Song jiang District , Shanghai 201600

TEL +86-21-3777-6775

MOBILE +86-187-0187-1872

Huizhou Office

NO.66,Petrochemical Avenue West , Daya Bay West District, Huizhou 516083 ( Room.D17-1-2601,Excellent easterm blue coast)

MOBILE +86-177-2265-2058

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Taiwan Corporation

  • 1F,No.92-1,Xianzheng 1st .,Zhubei City , Hsinchu County 30268, Taiwan,R.O.C